Sustainability at Marinetrans

Our responsibility extends beyond providing high-quality logistics solutions.

We align our services, practices and partnerships around a single mission — to encourage sustainable logistics.

Commitment to sustainability

At Marinetrans, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a carbon-free future. This means we make decisions and take steps to reduce the impact of our business operations on the environment.

We employ practices that reduce CO2 emissions and increase the sustainability of our supply chain.

Let's take the green steps together

As a global freight forwarder, we continuously strive to improve productivity through collaboration with our valued partners in the supply chain. 

We want to improve the predictability of goods flow for customers and implement innovative solutions while minimizing our negative environmental impact. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report

Integrating ESG factors in our business operations is a crucial aspect that we recognize as an ethical obligation and a key driver of long-term success.

This report highlights our continuous efforts to integrate ESG principles into our business strategy and our progress towards building a more
sustainable future. As a responsible and forward-thinking organization, we recognize the importance of transparency and accountability in
achieving our sustainability goals. We remain dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and contributing to the global effort to create a
more sustainable environment.

Marinetrans Going Green

Because we connect businesses and individuals all over the world, it is important for us to think green and act sustainable. Our Going Green mission is centered on achieving specific goals and converting them into commitments.

1. Developing sustainable solutions

Efficient and effective global consolidation of shipments
As a global forwarder, we are dedicated to efficiently organizing transportation and making efficient use of all available transportation capacity.

Improving our paperless operational processes
Despite the transportation industry is a traditional one that places a high value on paper documents, it is evolving, and digital solutions are becoming more widely available.

Separating waste and only working with green power suppliers
Separating waste and contracting with green power suppliers is important for two reasons: it is better for the environment and it is handled properly.

Providing biodegradable, shrink-wrapped packages to our customers
When pelletizing or repackaging shipments, we make use of reusing packaging materials and sustainable packaging materials.

Investing in safe handling and storage of hazardous materials
Hazardous materials can endanger the environment and people if they are not handled properly. We invest time and resources in improving the knowledge of those who work on dangerous goods (DG) shipments.

2. Client pilots by using electric vehicles

Investing in electric mobility
We are proud of our valuable partners, with whom we can collaborate to implement sustainable logistics solutions that will allow us to establish electric vehicle transportation.

More efficiently and effectively
Alternative modes of transportation and multimodal logistics solutions are always on our watchlist.

3. Joining airline sustainable bio-fuel programs​

Committed to green logistics
Transitioning from fossil fuels to biofuels is a top priority for commercial aviation’s future. When compared to fossil fuels, biofuel can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.

4. Customized CO2 reporting

Consider Marinetrans Going Green and act sustainable
The goal is to look back at the steps we’ve taken to improve our environmental performance and see how well they worked. We’ll keep track of CO2 emissions while transporting goods on behalf of our customers.


Carbon Reporting

To get insight into the environmental impact of transport shipments, we provide comprehensive carbon reports focusing on CO2e emissions.

The carbon reports provide insightful, thorough, and easily understandable data that identify and highlight areas for improvement. The calculations are performed using the emissions tools that are compliant with the international ISO14083:2023 standard.

This document serves as a guide for calculating CO2 emissions from transportation (air, sea and road freight).

Carbon emission calculation (57 KB)

Carbon insetting

Carbon insetting aims to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint within our industry by investing in nature-based solutions. To achieve this, we launched a Carbon Insetting Program to assist customers in reducing the environmental impact of transport. Through collaboration with various partners, Marinetrans can offer biofuels for airfreight shipments.

The Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) we apply reduces CO2e emissions by at least 75%. SAF is made from renewable feedstock, such as used cooking oil. With the SAF Program, we can make your time-critical shipment more sustainable.


International Standards

Quality management is at the heart of all the services we provide to our customers. While carrying out business activities, we strive to minimize negative impacts on the environment. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and are constantly working to improve and expand our procedures.

The ISO 14001:2015 Standard is aimed at controlling and improving the environmental performance of an organization and throughout the entire supply chain. The ISO 9001:2015 Standard is aimed at improving customer experience and satisfaction.

"Through innovative tailor-made solutions, ambitious programs, and reliable business practices, we strive to deliver Going Green logistics for our world.''
John Burgstra
Group Director

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at a glance

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Dedication to sustainable development

Marinetrans is actively involved in promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A total of 17 SDGs are included in the UN 2030 agenda. We will continue to work toward achieving the SDGs and will develop new activities to fulfill our global social responsibility. We are currently pursuing the following SDGs through our business practices:


Working together will allow us to have a better positive impact on the world. With our valuable partners, we share knowledge, expertise and most importantly, we learn from each other.

Going Green partner since 2021
Going Green partner since 2022
Going Green partner since 2021